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Beautiful Ballerinas from Steps Dance Academy

Absolutely adore everything about SDA,

my girl settled in very quickly, loves learning and practicing her dancing that she learns each time she attends a class,

very down to earth staff who give 100% to each child and encourage them to reach new highs, achieve new goals and be the best they can be 💜💜 x



How Dance Class Works

Your dancer will learn Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Dance, to have fun as part of a friendly team,  to support and be supported, and to dance like no'one is watching.

Beginners of any age will love the additional support our friendly classroom assistants and experienced teaching staff provide.

Our well attended Dance classes in Birmingham fill up quickly so booking is essential to secure your place.  Once you have registered for class you have a guaranteed place in class going forward and don't need to book in each week

You can join us by signing up on our easy online system for the age appropriate class.  Each Month after that your account will be billed with the same monthly class fee which you will be able to pay online in our easy parent portal.

You don't need to buy expensive dancewear until you have tried our classes properly!  Your child can wear their own leggings and tshirt or tracksuit bottoms until they have dancewear.

When you do need to buy dancewear we have New Starters offers to keep the costs reasonable and sensible.


Learn to Dance at Steps Dance Academy

"Steps Dance Academy is brilliant. My daughter loves to attend, making new friends, its more like one big family. Everyone is lovely and friendly, always there for any questions and help needed. My little one is growing into an amazing little dancer and I cant thank SDA enough."



Our Dancing Classes

All of our Dance lessons in Birmingham are held in Yardley at St Edburgha's Church Hall.  Book Online if we are a Dance Class near you!


"The teachers are caring and friendly.
They have built my confidence and taught me to be proud of my successes whilst learning to dance."

2-5 Years Old - First Steps Together

You and your little one will have so much fun learning all of the basics of Ballet Tap and Jazz Dance together in our Birmingham Dance classes.  

You will be part of your little dancers imaginative journey through the basics and you will love watching as their confidence grows in every class. 


Rewards from our "Treasure Chest" with their own Sticker Reward Card add to the fun and inspire little ones to participate

Preschool Dance in Yardley Birmingham

£24 a month

£24 a month

3-4 Year Old - First Steps Independent

Your little one will be so excited by our fairytale themed classes.  Your three year old will learn all of the basics of Ballet Tap and Jazz in one fun packed weekly lesson.

Each half term we work with a different fairytale and the children learn dance through the story, leaping like a Frog and stretching like the Cheshire cat is a fantastic introduction into the world of dance.  


Confidence grows in every class when your child earns regular rewards from our "Treasure Chest" with their own Sticker Reward Card

Ballet Dancers Steps Dance Academy

£24 a month

£24 a month

5-6 year olds - Step Up Class

Your Five - Six  Year old won't be able to wait to show you what they have done in class.  This age group really embrace the fairytale themes as they are getting ready to begin exam work.

Our inspiring Teachers will give them the tools that they need to make that next step, from helping them to work as a team, giving them easy ways to remember choreography, and building their skill and confidence.

Our exclusive sticker reward card and 'Treasure Chest' are a constant source of excitement

Yound dancers from Steps Dance Academy Birmingham

£25 a month

£24 a month

6/7/8 Years Old - Junior Steps

Your child's confidence will grow in leaps and bounds in our Step Up 1 Class. 


With more understanding of what they are learning, a slightly more structured approach will give your child all of the tools they need to think about first examinations.

In these Junior Classes the children love to be creative and participate in choreography for our performances

Extra staff are always around to help beginners to make fast progress

£26 a month

Dance Lessons Birmingham
10+ years Intermediate/Senior Steps

This Class is for older students and caters for beginners through to more experienced dancers.

This age group take part in the choreography of dances and we love to inspire their creativity and see their new ideas.

Nationally recognised examinations are available as well as our family friendly shows that the students delight in taking part in

£27 a month

Dance Classes for older children yardley birmingham

Adults need more flexibility and our Adult class can be booked a week at a time or in blocks of 4 classes

Covering Tap and Jazz dance as well as general fitness and stretching

Our friendly Teachers work with the Adults as a group and as individuals to encourage confidence, teamwork and a love of dance.

Beginners are always made welcome and given extra support by both staff and classmates.

£7 a week or
£24 for 4 classes

Adult Dance Classes Yardley Birmingham