Giving your child more than the gift of Dance.

August 25, 2017


When you pay for a preschool dance class, you watch with interest as your little one gains in physical dance skill, but there are so many hidden benefits in a good preschool class.


A Sense of Belonging 


In a good preschool dance class, your child will feel that they are one of a team.  Uniform dancewear increases those feelings of acceptance.


An Adventure in Teamwork


You will be amazed at the way your preschooler learns to work as part of a team.  Being considerate of those around them, and doing things in synchronisation with those around them will become second nature.


Body Confidence


We are all concerned that our children develop a positive body image.  An experienced Dance Teacher will help your child to learn how amazing their body is.  They will gain a sense of what their body is capable of and how to use it.


Social Development


Of course you want your child to know how to behave in a class environment, a qualified and experienced Dance Teacher will encourage your child in caring about others.  Celebrating individual achievements with their team is an important part of making progress.


Self Motivation


Preschool dance is one of the first experiences of seeing progress for practice, and so instills at a very early age that your achievements are your own, and progress can always be made through working at something with a passion


Fun and Friends