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Is My Toddler Ready for a Dance Class?

Your Toddler loves to dance, your little one may be dancing with TV programmes, Jigging with the radio and Jiving at the Disco but are they ready for a dance class?

This is one of the most common questions that we are asked here at Steps Dance Academy.

At our Fairy First Steps Class we know that this will be a totally new experience for you and your child. We are invested in gently introducing your child to an exciting world of Dance whilst building their self confidence and sense of achievement.

Don't worry if your child doesn't always do what the other children are doing to begin with. Every child is different and they all take time to settle into a new environment and situation. Our experienced teachers will guide your little one into participating and will help them to learn what they need to do and how.

Below is a list of signs that your child may be ready to try a dance class where mom can stay and watch.

Loves to Dance in Front of the TV

Can follow simple instructions e.g Jump in the air for me (Even if they need assistance to do it)

Likes to experiment with Body Shapes and Movements

Loves to use their imagination

Loads of Energy

Enjoys being with other children even if they are a little shy to begin with

If you are need more information give me a call, we are always here to ensure that you and your child have an amazing Journey into dance.

We look forward to meeting you



email: steph@broadbenthome.co.uk

phone: 0791 744 7143

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