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My child has special needs? Can they still attend a dance class?

As well as running a dance school I am a mom to two wonderful young people. Kate is 19 now and teaches with me, Sam is 12 and has Down's Syndrome, so I totally understand the difficulties in finding suitable out of school activities.

The key to your child with special needs getting the most out of a class is to get to know the person who will be teaching your child.

A teacher who really takes the time to understand the needs of your child will be able to cater for those needs in class, or to suggest an alternative like small group lessons or private tuition.

Most children's needs can be accommodated with cooperation from the parents and teachers. At Steps dance academy we have had many students with Autism, ADHD, and they have had great success in examinations and performances, growing in confidence and social skills as a result. We have also had a pupil who is hearing and sight impaired, who has tap danced her way through two examinations with a merit mark.

Look for a dance class that will really engage your child, somewhere that the teaching staff will think outside the box and innovate ways to help your child to progress. Look for a class where the teachers are excited to find ways to do things that excite every child.

Above all don't give up, if your child wants to dance, the right class and the right teacher are out there somewhere, keep looking, the rewards will be huge xx

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