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Feeling Stressed? Maybe an Adult Dance Class is what you need! (You might be Surprised!)

Its hard to imagine i know, but believe me when I say that an adult dance class will divert your mind from the everyday. It is almost impossible to think about what to cook for dinner, or the meeting you went to earlier, whilst learning a Tap Dance!

A good Adult dance class will cater for total beginners as well as more experienced dancers and should provide a supportive environment where you feel you can try new things. In most adult classes I have been to, the other students in the class are always ready to help someone new, and you can find some hilarious moments in your own attempts to try something you have never done before. It won't matter how many left feet you have, whether you are a guy or a girl, or how you spent your day. The shared experience of learning something new makes it fun.

Its normal to feel self conscious and a little nervous, anyone would in a new group of people, but with the right support you will find you catch up in no time. The fun part of the whole thing for me has always been doing battle with a new sequence that my feet are just not convinced they want to comply with, the focus that it requires to bring your feet into line disposes of all extraneous thoughts, and whilst by the end of the night I may be physically tired I find that my thoughts and mind are peaceful, diverted by the repetition and concentration.

There is a camaraderie in an adult dance class that isn't the same anywhere else. Its exciting to work in a group of people who are all totally different but working for the same thing. Its an opportunity to work as a team in a way that just doesn't happen in other environments. Making you very aware of not only what you are doing and when, but where each individual in your team is and what they are doing. There is certainly some truth in the saying 'Those who dance together, stay together'

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