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Five ways a dance class prepares your child for nursery

  • Firstly a good preschool dance class will gently teach your child how to behave in a. Class environment. From listening to the teacher, through to following simple instructions, your child will have an understanding how a class environment works before they begin.

  • Understanding that effort gets rewarded is another huge step in your child’s education. Your dance teacher will praise the effort that your little one puts in, helping them to feel valued and confident in trying their hardest.

  • Basic counting is a part of any dance class for little ones, they will love to count the steps they do learning numeracy skills along the way

  • In a good class environment even very young children will learn to work in a team, to help others, and to accept help from others, they will also feel that they have a supportive and positive ‘dancing family’.

  • The obvious benefit to dance is the gross motor skills that your child will be developing along the way. They will improve their balance, their control, and strength, and have an awareness of the capabilities of their own bodies that will allow them to move through life with confidence and poise.

Even if your child dances for a brief period you will love to watch as they learn to leap and fly, spin and sparkle

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