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Four benefits from your toddler taking dance lessons.

So your little one loves to dance in front of the TV and spin around to the music at the supermarket checkout .  But is there a benefit in taking them to a dance class?

1.  Social Development

During a class your child will learn to take turns, wait in a line, work with other children, and to listen and follow instructions from their teachers, which help them to make progress at nursery.  At the same time dance class is a fabulous opportunity to make new friends, with shared experiences and the sense of trust that develops between classmates

2.  Qualified staff

A qualified experienced dance teacher will assess your little one's current capability level and take that into account when they are teaching your child.  They will know how to make sure that your child moves in the right way so that their joints and muscles are protected as they explore their own capabilities

3.  Excitement and interest

A good toddler Class will involve some music and movement that is familiar each week along with some new and exciting challenges, props, and music, so that your little one's interest and excitement is maintained while they learn

4.  Positive self image

Your dance teacher will use rewards and praise to ensure that your child feels a strong sense of their own achievement.  Very young children should be rewarded often with stickers and small rewards to reinforce their self belief and build those self confidence level.

Overall dance class should be a hugely positive influence in your little one's life, they may not dance forever but some of the lessons that they learn as dance students stay with them for a lifetime.

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