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5 Reasons to attend a Parent and Child Dance Class.

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Preschool Dance Yardley Birmingham

1. Your tiny dancer will feel safe and confident in class with a familiar adult by their side in their first 'classroom' experience.

Learning how to behave in a class is the first step to learning to dance. Many children take a while to work it all out and to understand following the class, and a familiar adult there to guide them makes this learning easier and quicker so your little one is able to progress faster.

2. You will learn how to help your child make progress

The teachers in your parent and child class will be able to explain ways that you can work with your child at home to improve their balance and control so that their progress is at their own pace

3. Your Child will thrive on the attention

Your little one will love showing you how well they can do things. Praise from a familiar adult means so much when your child is little and its time when they have your undivided attention without technology

4. They learn the basics early

Children learn the basics of dance while they are little enough for it to become instinctive. As they progress and are able to cope with independent classes that basic training will lead to faster progress as they use all that they have learnt.

5. Moving on to Independent learning will be less traumatic

When your little one is ready to progress to independent learning the teachers will already be familiar adults and the setting is familiar so there is normally little stress when there is no longer a parent with them in class

'First Steps Together' is a fun and reassuring way for your little one to learn the basics of Ballet, Tap and Jazz dance in a nurturing and inspiring way. Using brightly coloured parachutes and props to make each new step exciting, your little one will be dancing everywhere they go

Book in for class at http://www.stepsdance.co.uk or call for more information on 0791 744 7143

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