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Five Ways to brighten up your day during lockdown.

Its hard being stuck in the same house with the same people for this long right? And we all have those days when it feels as if it'll never end.

Here are a few little pick me ups, its surprising how much better I always feel for making small changes

  • Make someone else feel good. Compliment the lady at the checkout in the supermarket, or give someone you haven't spoken to in a while a call to say you are thinking about them. Good feelings are infectious and your day will seem that bit brighter for making someone smile.

  • Put on your favourite outfit. Just for you! or maybe some expensive aftershave or perfume. Try a new hairstyle or give yourself a manicure. There is something about a little time spent on yourself that give you a real boost.

  • Make a date to video call friends and play a game. Arrange a time with those friends that you normally go for dinner with. Find an online game or one of the sites that lets you play board games online and challenge them. Its great to spend time with old friends!

  • Move the furniture around and change it up. If you have to be in one place there is no reason why it has to stay the same. Move a room around and ring the changes. It somehow feels like a fresh start.

  • Do 15 mins exercise. No I don't mean do PE with Joe! Do what comes naturally! Dance in the kitchen. Stretch on the sofa. Go for it with a punchbag or just take a brisk walk. All of those endorphins will help to make any day better.

Its certainly a weird and wonderful experience for most of us to spend this much time in our homes. I think that there are few of us that haven't struggled at times.

Be Kind to Yourself xx

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