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Why do we dance?

I dance because to never feel my body move with the music again is unthinkable.  I dance because when I dance I am present, in the moment,  feeling every movement, every change of balance.  When I dance it no longer matters what I'm having for dinner, whether the uniforms are laundered for Monday morning, the mundane leaves, there is no headspace for irrelevant thought.

Hours can pass in minutes, and minutes feel like hours as the total focus that isn't an option takes hold of your mind and soul leaving only room for the music and the movement.

Nowhere else, can I leave behind the humdrum and the daily grind, in pursuit of those precious few seconds of perfect timing, and line.  Believe it or not those moments are rare, you learn to feel your mistakes, and those moments of pure exhilaration when it all comes together are worth every hour and minute that has been spent getting there.

Why do I dance?

I dance to be free

And if I Don't dance

I'll never be me

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