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Top Tips for easy ways of being creative with your toddler!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Finger paint in the bath.  Put your tray of paints in the bath put the child in the bath in just a nappy.  Stick paper to the tiles with tape and watch the fun.  Once they have finished painting, whip off the nappy, turn on the taps or shower and the whole lot is clean all in one go!

Don’t underestimate the fun to be had with a set of saucepans and a wooden spoon,  I’ve spent many happy hours playing in a kitchen band!

Sing!  It really doesn’t matter how good or bad your voice is.  Singing is a fabulous way to improve your toddlers speech, and repetitive lyrics help develop memory, and singing is a great outlet with a real feel good factor.  Clapping with music develops little ones sense of rhythm.

Dance with little ones, whether it’s with a tv programme or simply dancing to your favourite track around the kitchen,  your little one will improve their balance and coordination as well as it being a fabulous cardio workout.

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