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How can I survive my child starting school?

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Little girl Starting School Steps Dance Academy

Firstly, It's tough!

You're going to miss that little person being part of your life every hour of every day.

It helps to remember that this is the start of a whole new exciting adventure for you, this is when your little person really starts to emerge. Their likes and dislikes, their choices good and bad all shape the person that they will become.

But YOU ARE STILL NEEDED. More than ever!

Maybe you have younger children still at home, or maybe not. This is your opportunity to get yourself straight and to find the things that still excite you! With a little more time on your hands you may have the chance to work or find something that you are passionate about. Maybe you already work full time and life just got a whole heap more complicated.

Try and make some quality time together each night, even if its a chat while you cook dinner about the things that have happened that day, its so important to both you and your little one to maintain that connection.

Give yourself time to settle into a new routine, try not to stress over the little stuff, take time for a cup of coffee and before you know it, it will all seem quite normal and you'll be dropping them at the school gates without either of you needing to give a backward glance.

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