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Photo shoots are a whole new perspective

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

How amazing to watch our little (and our big) dancers confidence blossom as they get a chance to perform for a camera.  

Today has been a long day, we ran a photoshoot day for all of our dancers, and many turned up to take part.  It was such fun to see the different personalities of these little people.   Our photographer Dan immediately put the children at ease and before long they were confident and performing.  It was great to see the smile break out on some of the children's faces as they started to enjoy being the centre of attention for their time in the studio.  For some of the children it was bubbles that made them smile, and for some it was gentle reassurance and a guiding hand.

Some of the pictures showed quiet or reflective moments and some the sheer joy of dancing with friends.  Each child so different, so unique, each a little person, growing and changing.  Whilst it's lovely to have been able to capture a moment in their journey, I so look forward to sharing their path in the future, I know it will be amazing.

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